Thursday, October 20, 2011

1 Week until Opening Night!!

Oh. My. God. We open in a week! Time for the stage manager to start freaking out! However, I won't have to freak out as much as normal because my cast is AWESOME. We had our first FULL CAST run-through tonight and 95% of the lines/blocking were spot-on! It's been a difficult road so far. Let me fill you in:

1 cast member has been out with a combo of migraines, sinuses and a bunch of other stuff
1 cast member has had an awful cough that even led to a separated rib
1 cast member had food poisoning
The director hurt her wrist
The stage manager broke her foot

As I said, it's been a difficult road. But we are now back on track. Monday we move into Center Stage and add in lights and special effects! Get ready for an amazing show!

Ta-ta for now!
-Miss Stage Manager

Friday, September 30, 2011

Working with Obstacles

The first week of rehearsals is done and everyone has learned their music! So far we are on track.

However, the obstacles are just beginning. So far, we have 2 sick cast members and I (the stage manager in charge of a lot of different things) broke my foot yesterday. This whole process is going to be very interesting for everyone! 

I would like to say thank you right now to all the cast and crew members of Evil Dead. Everyone has offered to help me out these next few weeks while I am on crutches. It just goes to show how close everyone becomes and how a cast is really a second family. My surrogate family is very much loved and appreciated! Thank you to everyone in advance!!!

TaTa for now!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day of Rehearsals

And it Begins!

Can I start by saying how absolutely excited I am for this show? It's going to be AMAZING! 

Anyways, last night we had the very first rehearsal. After quick introductions we had a read through and by the end, we all were laughing. Everyone was cast perfectly and was already getting into their roles. This week the cast is learning the music for the show before we get into the "fun" task of blocking the show! Can't wait to hear everyone!

On a side note, if you are reading this, you should donate to the Kickstarter to raise money for the special effects for the show! Zombie masks and fake blood cost money, so help us defeat the Candarian demons and donate!

1 month until opening night!!!

-Miss Stage Manager aka Cynthia

Monday, September 5, 2011

Evil Dead The Musical

Well folks, Evil Dead the Musical is coming to Santa Barbara. Hi, I'm Ed... ah... soon to be Evil Ed. I have created this blog to say some stuff. I'm not exactly sure what but I know I want to say it. Mostly though I want to give everyone a behind the scenes look at the this newest production here in Santa Barbara. Stay tuned for exclusive video interviews with the cast and some other really cool stuff.